Girl power

Girl Power

Girl Power

At Elevate Wellbeing, our Girl Power workshop aims to support girls in celebrating their individuality and identifying their own unique strengths in a variety of domains.

With the increase in digital communication there is a new dynamic to friendship dramas which girls don’t have the emotional maturity or tools to manage.  We guide them in how to identify and develop positive relationships and navigate friendship challenges. During this developmental stage girls can find friendships are becoming tricky, and they need tools to navigate ever-changing group dynamics.

In this workshop the girls are taught practical means to help them sleep better, handle anxiety and overwhelm, and negotiate their emotions in real-time, by building a growth mindset to become more resilient.

This workshop can be tailored to full day, part day or weekly sessions, whichever best supports your school or community group. To discuss further please contact us below.

While having lots of fun the girls will learn about:

  • Identifying our own unique strengths
  • Celebrating our individuality
  • Unpacking the elements of a healthy relationship
  • Confidence and positive self image
  • Engaging in mindfulness activities
  • Expressing gratitude

who can benefit from this workshop?

Our Girl Power workshop is designed to empower and educate young girls (aged between 8 and 12) on a variety of topics related to personal development, self-esteem, and friendship.

Here are some groups who can benefit from our workshop:

  • Girls in Schools: Our workshop can be tailored to suit different year groups and can be conducted in schools to help girls build confidence, develop friendship skills, and navigate challenges they may face in the school environment.
  • Community Group’s: Girl Power workshops can be offered through community organisations such as youth centers, local government, or community centers to provide girls with valuable skills and knowledge in a supportive environment outside of school.

  • Parents and Caregivers: Parents and caregivers can benefit from our workshop by gaining insights into how to support and encourage their daughters’ personal development and self-esteem at home.

  • Teachers and Educators: Educators can benefit from our workshop by learning strategies to create a positive and empowering classroom environment for girls, as well as incorporating concepts from the workshop into their curriculum.

Overall, our Girl Power workshop is designed to benefit any individual or group committed to empowering young girls and helping them reach their full potential.