LOVE BiTES Junior Program

LOVE BiTES Junior Program

At Elevate Wellbeing we identified a need within our local schools and community groups to provide young people with a safe environment to examine, discuss and explore respectful relationships. To do this, we have become a part of the LOVE BiTES Junior program. 

The LOVE BiTES Junior programme views young people as active participants who can make choices for themselves and their relationships when supported. It encourages and develops young people’s skills in critical thinking and assists them in being able to problem solve and communicate effectively. When equipped in these areas young people can make the right choices for themselves and their relationships that are free from violence and abuse. 


The full day program includes three sessions:

  • Introductions – of Love Bites facilitators and introduction to the program and group rules & Interactive information sessions on Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault (180 MINS)
  • Creation phase of developing messages and the community campaign through the art, music drama and radio ad workshops (90 MINS)
  • Consolidation phase where students share their art, music and drama pieces and recapping contact services (15 MINS)



The multi session approach incorporates All of the activities included in the programme:

The multi session approach can be run over 9 sessions (1xTerm/60 min sessions) or it could be run over 5 sessions (2-hour sessions) etc.

The strengths of doing the multi-session approach include:

  • Best practice model of reinforcing messages over multiple sessions
  • Opportunities to explore issues in more depth
  • Repeated opportunities for young people to have conversations about respectful relationships.



Year 6/7 – #Friends

Year 8 

Year 9/10

•  Communicating mindfully

•  Warning signs of abusive behaviour

•  Power in Relationships

•  Responding to concerns as bystanders

•  Seeking help?

•  Rights and responsibilities in relation       to sharing sexualised images


•  Respect in Relationships

•  Gender roles and stereotypes

•  Gender and relationships

•  Emotional Intelligence

•  Sexual harassment and homophobia

•  Seeking help?

•  Gender expectations and relationships

•  Responding to jealous feelings

•  Love and Control

•  Warning signs of a controlling/abusive      relationship

•  Supporting friends

•  Seeking help?

•  Breaking up with Respect


Please feel free to contact us for a chat on how this program can best support the students in your school.

Core messages:

  • Young person focused: The program focuses on young people’s relationships not adult relationship or child sexual abuse 
  • Strength based in language and facilitation 
  • Primary prevention, not harm, minimisation 
  • Addresses the gendered nature of Relationship violence and sexual assault 
  • Promotes that violence is a choice and we all have rights and responsibilities in relationships 
  • Relationship Violence Section: Angela’s story, the definitions, attitudes/beliefs 
  • Sex and Relationships: Consent, definitions, attitudes, and beliefs

who can benefit from this workshop?

This program focuses on the development of respectful relationships for 11–15-year-olds. It is a suite of 3 programs designed to be delivered consecutively in schools to build young people’s relationship skills. 

  1. Year 7 #friends – Covers themes such as communicating mindfully, power in relationships, seeking help and using social media safely. 
  2. Year 8 Respectful Relationships, Bullying and Gender – Includes respect in relationships, gender roles and stereotypes, jealousy, sexual harassment, and homophobia, challenging harassment and seeking help. 
  3. Year 9 Relationships, Love and Control – Covers gender expectations and relationships, responding to jealous feelings, warning signs of a controlling/abusive relationship, supporting friends, seeking help and breaking up respectfully.