4 tips for employers: Employee Mental Wellbeing at Christmas

4 tips for employers: Protecting Employee Mental Wellbeing at Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but with the rush to complete work tasks, organise gifts, plan social and family gatherings, it can all get hectic and overwhelming. Mental health and employee wellbeing are year-round considerations; however, during this period, employers need to watch out for triggers that can heighten feelings of anxiety or stress. It is important to look after your employees during this time and not neglect them and their emotions.  Find out about our 4 tips for Employers: Employee Mental Wellbeing at Christmas.


Here are a few tips on tackling the silly season so that employees feel supported and set to have the best Christmas possible.  

Provide support tools 

An employee wellbeing plan ensures that staff are mentally engaged at work and able to recuperate to enjoy the holiday season fully. A goal-setting and action plan for the New Year helps employees ease back in and get over the ‘January blues’, this will also help them anticipate key tasks for their first week back. By establishing clear deadlines and goals, there is no ambiguity about timelines or what the outcomes should be. 

Engage with employees to boost their morale and ramp up recognition 

Employee recognition does wonders for employee morale and work performance and shouldn’t be overlooked during this period. Identify stress triggers and encourage open communication about mental health and wellbeing. Listen, respond flexibly and show appreciation to your staff. Appreciation can be in the form of ‘Thank You’ emails from management, personalised gift cards, festive care packages, or by offering paid time off and/or extended leave. Get into the Christmas spirit and host an office party or end-of-year celebration, it is an excellent opportunity to mingle and bond with your team as well as foster staff relationships. 

Promote healthy choices  

Tis the season for more food and alcohol indulgences, time pressures, and the ‘holiday spirit’ removes focus from hobbies, exercise, and routine. You could share an article or blog encouraging ‘healthy alternatives’ or ‘know your units’ for alcohol. Or you could run wellbeing events during your festive activities, such as an office walk for a cause or even health rewards as part of your recognition program (offering massages, discounted gym memberships, and spa experiences). Promote ‘movement at work’, ask employees to get their steps in by taking the stairs instead of the lift or chatting to a work colleague instead of emailing; there are plenty of ways to fit in some physical activity whenever you can. 

Lose the bah-humbg! 

So don’t be a scrooge; it’s time to be merry and bright, spruce up the office with festive decor, pump up the Christmas playlist, embrace the festive season and boost your team morale and employee engagement! Remember to recognise and acknowledge employees for their efforts during the festive season. Together with the whole company, you can help your employees feel valued and cared for, let them enjoy the festive holiday, and come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to go for another great year! 

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