Girl Power Workshop

At Elevate Wellbeing we are running our Girl Power Workshop. This aims to help support girls to celebrate their individuality and identify their unique strengths.

Through fun activities, we guide them in how to identify and develop positive relationships and navigate friendship challenges. The girls are taught practical means to help them sleep better, handle anxiety and overwhelm, and negotiate their emotions in real-time, by understanding a growth mindset to become more resilient.

Girls come away from a Girl Power Workshop knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives, and with increased social awareness.

This workshop is suitable for ages 9 – 11 (flexible depending on maturity).

While having fun the girls will learn about:

Workshop Details


South Perth

Who We Are

At Elevate Wellbeing we offer support for schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals in the areas of Mental Health, parenting and professional development. Providing education with practical tools, to empower others to find their individual strengths.

Our objective is to provide a reliable and down to earth service, where we create a sense of true belonging and understanding.

Our facilitators are honest, empathetic, and unpretentious. We come with a wealth of understanding from both our professional and personal knowledge. 

We aim to motivate and provide individuals and teams with the tools they require to thrive. We wish to help others build self-awareness, confidence, and the courage to take them on life’s adventures.