Self-Compassion – for Parents & Carers

Self-Compassion – for Parents & Carers

We tend to judge themselves relentlessly in the belief that we SHOULD be doing more for others, often denying themselves self-care. Self-Compassion teaches skills to provide ourselves the same kindness and care we would offer to a good friend.

It is inevitable that things will not always go the way that you want them to, you will encounter frustrations, experience losses, make mistakes, have limitations, or fall short of your ideals. Practicing Self-Compassion can open your heart and mind to this reality allowing more opportunity to feel compassion for yourself.  

Key topics:

  • Elements of Self-Compassion
  • Self-Talk
  • Inner Critic
  • Mindfulness
  • Boundaries
  • Self-compassionate parenting/caring

Recognising common humanity can guide parents (and carers) to grasp our limits and accept that we also require kindness, compassion, and care. When we embrace the joys AND struggle of being human, we can appreciate imperfections in a way that allows us to feel good about ourselves and content with our life.

who can benefit from this workshop?

This group brings together parents and carers with families at all stages of their parenting journey.