Custom Workshop

Custom Workshop

Custom Workshop

By choosing a custom workshop we will help your organisation to develop a bespoke strategy to create a culture of support for mental health and personal development. Cultivating a company culture and workable approach that reduces stigma, prevents burnout, and supports mental health experiences before impacting your team’s productivity and engagement. 

Step 1 – Information Gathering – Through a one-on-one conversation with our qualified psychologist, we learn about your culture, immediate challenges, goals, and budget to create a custom strategy to best suit your organization.

Step 2 – Development and Review – We will come back to you with an initial plan outlining how we can support your unique needs. Giving you a chance to review and give feedback.

Step 3 – We implement your tailor-made Workshop – We come along to your workplace (or preferred location) and equip your people with the knowledge and skills to foster a mentally healthy workplace culture specific to their requirements, with lasting impact.

A custom workshop gives you the opportunity to:

  • Tailored content for managers, leadership teams, and employees
  • Customized to the unique needs of your industry and company culture
  • Based on research and industry best practices

Who can benefit from a Custom workshop?

When a workplace cultivates a mentally healthy culture, we enjoy our work and environment and the people in it. We can be creative, learn, try new things, and take risks. We can better cope with difficult times in our personal and professional lives. Let’s discuss what a custom workplace mental health strategy looks like for your organization.

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