Empathy and Self compassion for Professionals

Empathy and Self-Compassion – for Professionals

Empathy and Self-Compassion – for Professionals

Our Empathy and Self-Compassion for Professionals Workshop can enlighten you, allowing you more opportunities to feel compassion for yourself. When we embrace the joys AND struggles of being human, we begin to appreciate imperfections in a way that will enable us to feel good about ourselves and savor the positive experiences in our life.

Inevitably, life will not always go as you want it to. Everyone encounters frustrations; experiences loss, makes mistakes, has limitations, and falls short of their ideals.

The real work isn’t trying to change people; It’s speaking your truth and sharing your feelings about what you need. Because the purpose of being assertive and cultivating self-care isn’t to convince others to be different or to try and achieve a specific outcome, it is to advocate for yourself, regardless of how they respond.

Key Topics:

  • Elements of Self-Compassion
  • Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • Self-Talk
  • Self-compassion vs. self-pity
  • Inner Critic
  • Mindfulness
  • Setting healthy Boundaries
  • Motivation and Personal Growth

Who can benefit from our empathy and Self-Compassion for Professionals Workshop?

After participating in our Empathy and Self-Compassion for Professionals Workshop, we hope that people gain the internal resources they need to thrive in the workplace by cultivating these skills. Giving individuals the tools to grow creates a positive workplace culture and improves teamwork.

This workshop is 90 minutes in length, including interactive activities. This can be facilitated on its own or in combination with our other workshops if you wish to cover multiple topics in one session. We host a 30-minute Zoom call with all clients at the setup to establish a brief to ensure we present the contents in a way that is relatable to your industry and team.

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