“How to not say the wrong thing…” – Tips on supporting each other in the workplace.

“How to not say the wrong thing…” – Tips on supporting each other in the workplace.

“How to not say the wrong thing…” Tips on supporting each other in the workplace – has been developed to help businesses and assist you with mental health conversations within your organisation. We aim to arm employers and employees with the tools they need to best support each other.

Many people want to be able to offer a supportive ear or shoulder if someone is struggling with their mental health. But they feel underprepared and worried that they will say the wrong thing. Being supportive is about being available to listen and helping the other person find professional support if needed.

How a “How to not say the wrong thing...” Morning Tea or BBQ discussion will look at your workplace -

One of our experienced facilitators will meet with your team at their workplace for a casual morning tea or BBQ catch up. (Supplied by their employer)

There will be a meet and greet followed by a 30-minute discussion about our ten TIPS on supporting each other in the workplace.

PRIVACY – Choosing a space that is away from other people and where you are unlikely to be interrupted is really important.

TIME – Allow enough time.

BE YOURSELF – When someone comes to you to talk about their mental health you should keep in mind that they have decided that you are a person that they can talk to. So just be yourself.

EMBRACE FEELING AWKWARD – Resist the natural temptation to offer solutions, give advice, make assumptions, or diagnose their problem. The most helpful thing you can do is listen

LISTEN…. REALLY LISTEN – Great listening involves listening to understand rather than listening to respond.

HOLD SPACE – To hold space is to sit with what IS without trying to change or fix it.

BE PREPARED FOR AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE – As mentioned before part of this process is allowing emotions to happen.

MAKE A PLAN – You don’t want to have a tricky conversation and leave the person hanging. That is where it is important to plan and find the necessary resources available.

THANK THEM & REASSURE THEM – Thank the person for trusting you enough to have a difficult conversation with you.

THE LAST ONE SELFCARE. – Looking after yourself is just as important as looking out for other people.

Our facilitator will remain for the rest of the hour, allowing people to ask questions or seek additional advice.

who can benefit from this workshop?

This discussion aims to allow people to feel comfortable and confident in having conversations in the workplace about mental health while maintaining their own boundaries. Empowering leaders and co-workers to support each other.

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