Negotiating Conflict

Negotiating Conflict

Conflict can be a normal part of many workplaces. While healthy conflict can encourage change and inspire new ideas and processes, it’s essential to understand how you as an individual navigate conflict when it arises.

A conflict or negotiation situation is one in which there is a conflict of interests, or what one wants isn’t necessarily what the other wants. Both sides prefer to search for solutions rather than giving in or breaking off contact. This skill allows you to reach a reasonable outcome for everyone.

In this workshop, we explain what conflict negotiation is, how to negotiate conflicts effectively and what skills you can develop to be a good conflict negotiator.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies around conflict resolution
  • Gain an understanding of what the conflict is “really” about
  • Clarify, Clarify, and Clarify again
  • Conflicting personal beliefs, these may differ, but neither is right or wrong
  • “Slow. The hell. Down.” – Very little in life is really urgent
  • Setting and understanding your non-negotiables
  • Have an ideal outcome, but don’t hold it too tight
  • Don’t expect a result in the first meeting; however, expect a direction/movement
  • No one needs to win
  • Understanding what I heard vs. what you said?

Who can benefit from the negotiating Conflict workshop?

This workshop will teach you and your team to recognize differences and shared circumstances, develop better communication skills, and learn to work together and create an ideal solution for dealing with conflict when it arises.

This workshop is 90 minutes in length, including interactive activities and Q&A. This can be facilitated on its own or in combination with our other workshops if you wish to cover multiple topics in one session. We host a 30-minute Zoom call with all clients at the setup to establish a brief to ensure we present the contents in a way that is relatable to your industry and team.

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