Setting Healthy Boundaries in the workplace

Setting Healthy Boundaries in the workplace

Setting healthy boundaries in the workplace helps to safeguard our time, our energy, our purpose, and how fulfilled we feel. Some work boundaries are functional and clear, while others are more intangible and flexible. 

With technology, flexible work, and ever-changing workplaces, setting healthy boundaries at work is more complex than ever, and no two people have the same personal beliefs or work styles.

Work-related stress is a prominent issue among professionals. As many struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance,  encouraging and practicing ways of setting healthy work boundaries can help keep the overall drive, productivity, and performance of both you and your team. 

Topics Covered:

  • Understand your worth – understanding our worth and value means we have an awareness and appreciation of our achievements and what we can offer. 
  • Be clear and concise – when starting a conversation where we’d like to assert a boundary, we can sometimes let apologies creep in. When we communicate honestly and clearly, we leave no uncertainty behind our intention and meaning. 
  • Manage and negotiate expectations – we start work armed with a job description, a contract of employment, or a baseline set of mutual expectations. When expectations aren’t clearly defined, understood, or agreed upon, it causes heaps of stress for all concerned. 
  • Identify your non-negotiables – almost every work decision we make involves consequences and compromises. Know your non-negotiables. State them early and stick to them.
  • Remote work needs boundaries, too – Working remotely requires a heightened consciousness to make space for ourselves in and around work. 
  • Beware of burnout – The World Health Organization has defined burnout as “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” 

who can benefit from the Setting healthy boundaries in the workplace WORKSHOP?

This workshop aims to assist you in setting boundaries at work to protect yourself from burning out and finding yourself in uncomfortable situations that may be otherwise avoidable. Working as part of a team that values healthy boundaries makes you feel respected, appreciated, and heard.

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