Stress and communication in the workplace

Stress and communication in the workplace

Being part of a successful team can be tough going. With differing personalities, motivations, ways of working, and communication styles, finding a balanced middle ground can be challenging, especially during times of change and stress.

If your team needs a motivational boost; and an opportunity to rediscover the remarkable team they can be, this could be the workshop for you.

Topics Covered:

  • The physical impacts of stress
  • Stress and Cognitive bias
  • The unrealistic urgencies created by stress
  • Communication – Rules for life – mine are different from theirs?
  • Communication – reacting (emotional) vs responding (cognitive)
  • Communication – Allowing time and space
  • Teach yourself to take a breath – figuratively, and maybe literally.

who can benefit from the stress and communication in the Workplace workshop?

This workshop aims to assist your organisation in communicating effectively even during times of high stress. Our facilitator works with your organisation to drive positive cultural change and affect well-being at all levels.

This workshop is 90 minutes in length, including interactive activities. This can be facilitated on its own or in combination with our other workshops if you wish to cover multiple topics in one session. We host a 30-minute Zoom call with all clients at the setup to establish a brief to ensure we present the contents in a way that is relatable to your industry and team.

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