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The Uncertainty Principle – COVIDs impact on the workplace

The Uncertainty Principle – COVIDs impact on the workplace

COVID has been an overwhelming and all-encompassing force in the business world over the last 2 years; and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in a hurry!

Explore how uncertainty can impact on people and their work practices, and how this uncertainty is becoming a drain on people’s mental and physical health.

If you want a way to consider how to navigate the new world of looking after yourself or your staff in the days of COVID, this workshop is the place to start.

Key Topics:

  • The global saturation effect – effects of external sources on our internal experience
  • Surprise! Lockdown! New Restrictions! Mask Wearing…understanding reactions to ongoing change
  • Introverts vs Extroverts
  • The effects of long-term uncertainty
  • Strategies for managing increased stress around COVID and the changing workplace

who can benefit from this workshop?

The Uncertainty Principle can be run for either Employees or Managers (or both), and while considering similar topics, is focussed on more specific applications to each group.

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