Understanding your DISC Profile - Influence

Understanding your DISC Profile - Influence

When you have an I (Influence) style on the DISC profile, your workplace experience may exhibit certain characteristics. Here’s what it might be like in the workplace when you have an influential style:
  • Outgoing and Social:

    As an I, you are likely to be outgoing, social and enjoy interacting with others. You thrive on building relationships, networking, and connecting with people. You may bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace, fostering a positive and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Excellent Communication Skills:

    I-style individuals tend to be natural communicators and enjoy engaging others through conversation. You may have a knack for storytelling, using humor, and captivating your audience. You may prefer verbal communication over written forms and use expressive body language to convey your ideas.

  • Collaborative and Team-Oriented:

    I-style individuals generally thrive in collaborative environments. You enjoy working with others, brainstorming ideas, and contributing to team dynamics. You may bring a sense of harmony and cohesiveness to group settings and often excel in roles that require teamwork.

  • Persuasive and Influential:

    With an influential style, you are likely to possess persuasive abilities. You may be skilled at convincing others, promoting ideas, and gaining support for your initiatives. Your enthusiasm and charisma may be effective in rallying people around a common goal.

  • Preference for Variety and Excitement:

    I-style individuals often enjoy dynamic and fast-paced work environments. Routine tasks and monotony may not be as appealing to you, and you may seek out projects that offer variety and excitement. You may thrive when there are opportunities to engage with people, attend events, or explore new ideas.

  • Potential Challenges with Detail-Oriented Tasks:

    While I-style individuals excel in social interactions, they may face challenges when it comes to focusing on detailed and analytical tasks. You may prefer delegating those tasks or collaborating with others who have complementary strengths in this area.

  • Positive and Optimistic Outlook:

    I-style individuals typically bring a positive and optimistic outlook to the workplace. Your energy and enthusiasm can uplift the team, boost morale, and create an enjoyable work environment. Your optimism may help navigate challenges and inspire others to overcome obstacles.

It’s important to remember that the DISC profile is just one framework for understanding behavioural tendencies. Individuals can exhibit a mix of styles, and no one style is inherently better than others. Appreciating and valuing the diversity of styles within a team can foster collaboration, creativity, and overall team success. Read our Blog What is DISC Profiling? to find out more. 


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