Understanding your DISC Profile - Steadiness

Understanding your DISC Profile - Steadiness

When you have an S (Steadiness) style on the DISC profile, your workplace experience may exhibit certain characteristics. Here’s what it might be like in the workplace when you have a steady style:
  • Supportive and Cooperative:
    As an S, you are likely to be supportive and cooperative in the workplace. You prioritize harmonious relationships and value teamwork. You enjoy collaborating with others and strive to create a positive and inclusive work environment.
  • Patient and Reliable:
    S-style individuals are often known for their patience and reliability. You are steady and consistent in your work, and others can rely on you to follow through on your commitments. You prefer stability and appreciate a consistent routine.
  • Strong Listening and Empathy Skills:
    With a steady style, you are likely to possess strong listening and empathy skills. You value understanding others’ perspectives and feelings, and you may be seen as a trusted confidant or mediator in the workplace. You create a supportive environment where others feel heard and valued.
  • Conflict Avoidance:
    S-style individuals generally prefer to avoid conflict and seek to maintain harmony. You may strive to find compromise and solutions that satisfy everyone involved. While conflict avoidance can be positive for maintaining positive relationships, it’s important to balance it with assertiveness when necessary.
  • Team Player:
    S-style individuals excel as team players. You are often willing to go the extra mile to support your colleagues and contribute to the overall success of the team. You prioritize collaboration and may take on supportive roles to ensure the team’s smooth functioning.
  • Resistance to Change:
    S-style individuals may feel more comfortable with stability and established routines. Change can be challenging, and you may require additional time to adapt and embrace new processes or procedures. However, with proper communication and support, you can gradually adjust to change.
  • Reliable and Consistent Performance:
    Your steady nature often translates into reliable and consistent performance. You pay attention to details, take a methodical approach to your work, and complete tasks thoroughly. Your dedication and dependability make you a valuable asset to the team.
  • Building Strong Relationships:
    S-style individuals prioritize building and maintaining strong relationships. You may invest time and effort in fostering connections with colleagues, clients, or customers. Your friendly and approachable nature helps create a positive and supportive work atmosphere.


Remember that the DISC profile provides insights into your natural tendencies and preferences but doesn’t encompass the entirety of your personality. People are complex, and individual experiences can vary. Understanding and appreciating the diverse styles within a team can contribute to effective collaboration, communication, and overall workplace success. Read our Blog What is DISC Profiling? to find out more. 

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